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  AmbuŽ Perfit ACE

The AmbuŽ Perfit ACE extrication collar is designed to assist with the maintenance of neutral alignment, prevention of lateral sway and anterior-posterior flexion and extension of the cervical spine during transport and routine patient care or movement. Ambu Perfit ACE is an ideal device for cervical support. Ambu Perfit ACE is also available in a Military version that incorporates a camouflage colour scheme of olive drab body and charcoal black foam and label. The features and specifications of the Ambu Military Perfit ACE are identical to Ambu Perfit ACE.

The Ambu Perfit ACE is the only adjustable one-piece rigid cervical spine immobilisation device with 16 precise settings for a customised fit within the range of 4 standard adult settings. The Ambu Perfit ACE comes with a flip chin piece for flat storage and preshape to fit the chin, and to facilitate intubation and removal of vomitus from the patient's mouth. The Ambu Perfit ACE is CT and MRI compatible, and comes with a ventilated, posterior shell for fluid drainage. The Ambu Perfit ACE comes with a comprehensive sizing system for easy and accurate sizing.

The Ambu Perfit ACE shell material is made of polyethylene.
16 settings from Neckless (size 3) to Tall (size 6)
Measures approx. 56 x 18 x 1.5


PRICE $13.00 EA.

AmbuŽ Perfit ACE


  AmbuŽ Mini Perfit ACE

The Mini Perfit ACE adjusts to virtually all infant, pediatric and small adult neck sizes with its 12 settings within the three standard Perfit ACE sizes (infant, pediatric and neckless). It is not only an infant or pediatric collar! The Mini Perfit ACE is perfect for small adults with thin necks. The Mini Perfit ACE incorporates latches which allow the rescuer to size the collar accurately according to the patient's exact neck size. Two safety buttons hold the collar in place for maximum reliability.

Stores completely flat, minimizing inventory
* Incorporates the Perfit numbering and colour sizing system, making it easy to size the collar accurately
* Horizontal sizing line
* Preshaped flip chin piece for easy airway access
* CT and MRI compatible
* Nasal cannula holders located on collar body
* Safe closing mechanism ensure maximum reliability
* Resizeable and comfortable

The shell material is made of polyethylene.
12 precise settings within the three standard sizes


PRICE $13.00 EA.

AmbuŽ Perfit ACE




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